Toasty Logs – Responsive Website Design

Toasty Logs is quickly growing within the home heating fuels market
  • Toasty Logs supply top quality logs from seasoned softwood and seasoned hardwood such as Kiln Dried Ash, Birch and Oak.
  • Toasty Logs received mentoring from Brilliant Red Ltd as part of the Bright Idea Programme which supports young entrepreneurs between the age of 18-29 within the SEED Council of Northern Ireland.
  • We worked with the client and decided that a strong online presence would prove fruitful because customers are searching for not only fire logs online but also the Toasty Logs brand.
  • We created a slick and modern responsive website design that captured the family feel that a warm fire brings. But this was only half of the project.
  • We conducted thorough keyword analysis and optimised the Toasty Logs site to ensure the site attracts target searchers.