Digital Agency


Your Digital Marketing Specialists

The Brilliant Red Ltd team has a fantastic blend of sales, marketing and digital experts. We have extensive experience of website design, app and cloud based technology development.

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of clients to analyse online promotion and develop plans to improve website traffic, conversion rates and overall digital media communications strategy.  Using web analytics as our Control Mechanism, we developed and managed e-commerce strategies to monitor online campaigns in terms of web visitors, page impressions, Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and sales KPIs.


 The Digital Disconnect

Brilliant Red have helped hundreds of clients in bridging the problem caused by the ‘digital disconnect’.  We are digital turnaround experts and help companies to understand the importance of strategy prior to rushing into digital tactics.  We save people time and money on doing the wrong things.

In our experience SME’s often have the same issues developing and implementing successful digital marketing strategies.  Companies that fail to implement successful strategies typically do one of the following;

  1. Doing Too Many Things
  2. Doing the Wrong Things
  3. Doing Nothing